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The Church in Kraków 1939-1945

Autor: Collective work Miejsce wydania: Kraków, rok wydania: 2014, liczba stron: 262, format: 17cm x 24cm
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The Church in Kraków 1939-1945 Year 2014 is the year of the great anniversary, we remember the beginning of the struggle of the Church, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of World War II and the 25th anniversary of the June 1989 elections.
This catalog describes the history of the war history of the Church which is in addition to the exhibition Krakow - Nazi Occupation 1939-1945.
Participating in living memory of those times, they can see how they shaped the contemporary Krakow and contemporary Church inextricably linked to the fate of the occupation, the Poles and the biographies of great concern to contemporary history, and Poland.
Germany sought to slow the destruction of the clergy, before wanting to use his authority for their own purposes.
In fact, it was a fierce struggle, in which the occupants were tools of terror, surveillance, and systematic looting of the absolute restriction of religious freedom.
Unfortunately for the Germans, their plans to subjugate the clergy and the destruction of the church mourned at any point.
Careful surveillance carried out in a number of monasteries by German agents will not render assistance by religious Jews and engage in clandestine Polish Underground State.
Finally, the terror of the Third Reich was not able to overcome the Catholic Church, for which the German occupation turned out to be the beginning of many years of struggle for survival in Poland.