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Occupiers.The Germans in Kraków 1939-1945

Autor: M.Bednarek, K.Zimmerer Miejsce wydania: Kraków, rok wydania: 2017, liczba stron: 318, format: 17cm x 24cm
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Occupiers.The Germans in Kraków 1939-1945 Cracow was the seat of the General Government, during the war, as well as the district and county authorities.
As a result, many offices were located, and the German administration employed a large number of officials and office workers at various levels.
The policy of the occupying authorities was to transform Krakow into a German city, both in terms of nationality and image.
After the murder of the Jewish population and the displacement of many Poles, in 1943 Germans in Cracow constituted about 20% of the population (about 50,000).
Among them were the citizens of the Third Reich and the Volksdeutschs.
It is their fate that is the subject of this publication.
Civilian Germans in the occupied Cracow were witnesses and executors of the policy of the authorities of the GG and the Third Reich.
Thanks to their approval, commitment and work, it was possible to carry out and sanction the German plundering, eviction of dwellings and houses, isolation and finally the extermination of the Jewish population and the subjection of the Polish population.
On the occasion of the opportunity to illegally and illegally enrich, and commitment and obedience were rewarded with a promotion, giving even more opportunities.
Part of the Germans treated the stay in Krakow as a kind of temporary delegation, but some of them stayed here with the intention of staying.