Temporary exhibitions

City Defence Walls

dodano 20.04.2018
06.04.2018 -
- 31.10.2018

The History of Nowa Huta Quarter

dodano 18.04.2018
25.04.2018 -
- 23.09.2018

The Podgórze Museum

dodano 17.04.2018
27.04.2018 -
- 30.09.2018

The Zwierzyniec House

dodano 01.03.2018
16.03.2018 -
- 15.07.2018

Exhibition: Lace - Tradition - Reactivation
The Hipolit House

Exhibition: Lace - Tradition - Reactivation

dodano 05.02.2018
The exhibition is a presentation of lacemaking – an artistic craft inseparably connected with the former Kraków burgher’s house.
22.02.2018 -
- 10.06.2018

Exhibition „Former KL Plaszow”
KL Plaszow

Exhibition „Former KL Plaszow”

dodano 07.11.2017
During the exhibition 19 of most important historical localizations of former concentration camp will be marked by plaques. Each single is a collage made of archival photos, relations of former prisons and short historical information.
The exhibition would be an opportunity for discussion about the past of KL Plaszow.
15.11.2017 -
- 31.12.2018

Exhibition: Code Name Żegota – the Hidden Aid
Oskar Schindler's Factory

Exhibition: Code Name Żegota – the Hidden Aid

dodano 11.10.2017
Exhibition Code Name Żegota – the Hidden Aid is devoted to one of the most tragic events in the 20th century history – the Holocaust, precisely planned and performed by the Germans, taking advantage of police and military formations, as well as an extensive clerical system and industrial potential of the Third Reich. The crime of an unprecedented scope was committed within the areas of Central-Eastern European countries occupied by Germany, in which within the area of the pre-war Republic of Poland.
16.11.2017 -
- 08.07.2018

Exhibition: The Bastion of Tradition
The Old Synagogue

Exhibition: The Bastion of Tradition

dodano 06.12.2016
The Old Synagogue is not only the most valuable monument of Jewish sacral architecture, but also the cradle and bastion of traditional culture of Krakow Jews. It is also a good place for a museum exhibit about itself, named aptly for the subject it touches on, The Bastion of Tradition.
22.12.2016 -
- 30.11.2018